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When Strangers Make Together, aka #projectcollaborate2022: One afternoon in May 2022, I had this idea of sending out a photograph I had made and a paper substrate to 25 random strangers and have them create something with it. I start. They finish. I had no idea if anyone would want to play. In less than 48 hours I had 20 players - 2 days later, all slots were filled. Wow. Participants are from all over the US and Canada. I am honored and amazed. It seems it isn't just me who needed some connected creative play... In this space will be the returned individual works, front and back. There will eventually be a zine of the entire project including snippets of conversations regarding our respective experiences with it. Come back often to see how this is emerging. #projectcollaborate2022 on Instagram to see what's currently brewing.

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