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There are things within us that find resonance with things outside us. 

~Brother Thomas Bezanson


Diana has been a California desert based artist and teacher since 1984. Her desire for an artistic life began while growing up mainly in the southeastern and midwestern parts of the USA, heavily influenced by a life lived largely in the outdoors. Her arts training comprises decades of self-study coupled with learning from masters in their fields of photography, printmaking, and encaustics. Diana continues to seek ways to initiate collaborative projects as her background in public education and counseling of 35+ years guide her forward. She splits her time between her home in the Mojave desert and living out of a tiny, tiny home on wheels or a backpack as she explores the western United States.


"It all starts with a P H O T O G R A P H  - A memory drawn with light. A feeling frozen in time. A connection of landscapes from within to without. A tool to elicit conversation and understanding with others.


The natural world had always been my solace and my Muse.  My works begin with hand printed photographs or photograms. I often alter them while experimenting with different techniques and mediums, particularly photographic chemical processes, natural pigments, and beeswax - marriages between science and art, visions and words, digital and analog.


I am compelled to plant the seeds of collaborative endeavors, putting creative processes to the task of melting boundaries and allowing for an open space to connect, share, communicate, heal. It seems so many of us are hungry to commune again, to fill the voids with humanness."  


Progress, projects, and general stuff can be found @projectmojavelight  @two_women_talk and @mojavelight

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