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There are things within us that find resonance with things outside us. 

~Brother Thomas Bezanson


Diana has been a California desert based artist and teacher since 1984. Her art practice is heavily influenced by a 35+ year background in public education, counseling, and travel which guide her toward initiating collaborative projects among strangers while developing a sense of community and connection in a common space of learning and play. She splits her time between her home in the Mojave desert and living out of a tiny, tiny home studio on wheels or a backpack as she explores the western United States.


"It all starts with a photograph  - a memory drawn with light, a feeling frozen in time, a connection of landscapes from within to without, a tool to elicit conversation and understanding with others.


The natural world had always been my solace and my Muse.  My works begin with hand printed photographs or photograms - often altered while experimenting with different techniques and mediums, particularly chemical processes, natural pigments, and beeswax - a marriage between science and art, visions and words, digital and analog.


I am compelled to plant the seeds of collaborative endeavors, putting creative experimentation to the task of melting boundaries and allowing an open space to connect, share, communicate, heal - where process is more important than the eventual product. 

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