REBIRTH of the studio: sometime in 2021 

I know, I IS taking me forever. Patience. Growing is a process...

Artist Statement


I am a light painter. The camera is often my pen and paintbrush - capturing the nuances of everyday scenes naturally lit. Every frozen moment in time has a what, a where, a how, but not always a why.  They are images of my inner landscape.

How one presents a photographic image is as important as the image itself. I prefer to make my own film negatives (digitally or traditionally) and print on cotton rag papers using print-making methods from the 1800s like platinum, palladium, cyanotype, salt prints, etc.  Over these prints, I sometimes paint and fuse layers of beeswax (hot or cold) with resins and oils.  Sometimes I leave them alone to live on their substrates, simply printed and simply framed. 

Since 1984, I've called this Mojave region home. Everyday, I am called to pay attention and become immersed in the delicate fabric of this desert enclave.  Joshua Tree National Park has been my playground and my Muse long before it became a national park and wildly popular.  But my tether to home is flexible, and I frequently find my self wandering the islands of the Pacific Northwest;  the lands under the New Mexican skies;  the ancient streets and villas of Italy;  the backcountry roads of the vast western US. I am privileged to be able to spend so much time in these strong yet fragile landscapes as they have many quiet stories to tell.

Welcome to my line of sight....