There are things within us that find resonance with things outside us. 

~Brother Thomas Bezanson


It all starts with a photograph. My attention is captured in the small details often overlooked in our haste to get from one place to another; in observing how the light moves through a space; in paying attention to a feeling of being there; and, sometimes, to simply freeze a moment or a story I want to remember. 


The natural world is my solace and my Muse. I have a penchant for wanderlust, wild lands preservation, experimental photography, natural pigments, all animals and kind-hearted humans. All of my works begin with a hand printed photograph, captured digitally or by film, where I often alter them while experimenting with different techniques and mediums - a marriage between science and art.

While I am a California based artist now and have been since 1984, my desire for an artistic life began while growing up in the southeastern and midwestern parts of the USA, heavily influenced by other artists in my family. I am always seeking to find ways to engage in collaborative projects around the world as my background in public education and counseling continues to guide me. 


Current projects and general stuff about me can be found @projectmojavelight  @two_women_talk and @mojavelight