It all starts with a photograph; something I felt being there; something that captured my attention for just an instant; something that evoked a distant memory or an intention yet to be. If I had to define in just a few words why I make what I make, it would be to find connection, meaning among the chaos, and a sense of presence as I walk through the moments of my life. And, sometimes, I just want to create a place where the eyes can rest in quiet contemplation.


There are things within us that find resonance with things outside us. 

~Brother Thomas Bezanson


I have a penchant for wanderlust, wild lands preservation, photosensitive chemistry, natural mediums, and words. Most of my works begin with a hand printed photograph where I then hand alter the images in different ways as I explore what connected me to the scene in the first place. 


I also find great joy in planting seeds - teaching people new-to-them techniques for their own creative practices. My background in public education and counseling integrates my photographic art practices with helping people find community and gratitude as we navigate the fragility of human relationships and our environments.  


Current projects found @projectmojavelight as well as small works rooted in G R A T I T U D E.