This site will be moving to an entirely, more user friendly, different platform before the end of 2021. What a task it has been!


The redirect link will be published here once that is complete as well as announced to my subscribers.

In the meantime, about me:

I am a multi-medium artist with a penchant for wandering, words, chemistry, natural fiber papers, and beeswax. All my works begin with a hand printed photograph which I build upon to explore connections with inner and outer landscapes. For me, process has become more important than product, allowing for seeds of connection that open the necessary pathways to important human to human conversations.


My background in public education and counseling integrate my photographic art practices with helping people find community and gratitude as we navigate relationships and fragile environments.  


Current projects include @Two_Women_Talk, photo-based international collaborations between strangers; and @projectmojavelight, small multi-medium works created from a place of gratitude and then given away along my travels to initiate and foster exchanges with the finders.